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Excel-DB Help - Excel-DB Command Reference

There are a number of SQL*Plus like commands available in Excel-DB that are not part of standard SQL. To execute one or more of these commands please execute them through the SQL dialog. Note that you are allowed to mix these commands with other commands or SQL statements. Please find a list of supported commands below:

Excel-DB Command Reference

Command Description
@ Execute an sql file.
@@ Execute an sql file.
Accept Prompts for value of substitution variable.
Break Create report breaks.
Clear Removes formatting options.
Column Sets formatting options for columns.
Connect Connects to a database.
Define Define and manage substitution variables.
Describe Shows the description of a table.
Disconnect Disconnects from the database.
Execute Execute a SQL or PL/SQL statement
Exit Closes Excel-DB and Excel.
Help Displays the Excel-DB help file.
Host Executes an operating system command.
Pause Pauses execution.
Print Displays the value of a bind variable.
Prompt Displays a message.
Remark SQL Comments
Quit Closes Excel-DB and Excel.
Resultset_from_proc Outputs data from a stored procedure
Select As Comment Selects data into an excel comments
Select As Formula Selects data into an excel formulas
Select To Presets the target range for the result set
Set Sets program variables.
Show Shows the value of program variables.
Start Execute an sql file.
Timing Switches a statement timer on/off.
Undefine Undefines a substitution variable.
Variable Define and manage bind variables.


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